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"I strongly believe in
encouraging everyone to incorporate exercise,
activity and healthy eating
into their lives."

I'm a fully qualified and insured personal trainer, Pilates and yoga teacher. I have been living and working in South West London for more than ten years. Over that time I have built a wonderful group of clients and participants of all ages and abilities, many of whom I'm proud to call friends. Seeing people benefit from Pilates or other fitness training over a period of time, whether it be a few weeks or many years, is one of the real joys of my work. The sense of achievement and progress I see my clients gain from my individual attention is what makes this so much more than just a job.


I started my career in the fitness industry in 1997 and once I was fully qualified to teach group exercise and one-to-one, I took further specialisms in ante and postnatal fitness and then Pilates. I followed this up with a yoga teacher training course in 2008 following a lifetime's love of yoga (and distant memories of my mum practising in her green footless tights) and have recently completed a Hot Power Yoga training. My major focus through all of these disciplines is to improve my clients' physical strength and flexibility, stamina and stability. Through Pilates, yoga and fitness training fundamentals, I can incorporate all of them into my teaching.

Aside from the physical benefits, it's also incredibly important for me to bring a sense of balance and harmony to my teaching, encouraging conscious breathing to connect the mind, body and spirit and promote a sense of wellbeing, energy, enthusiasm and calmness. I want each person I work with to feel involved and included, respected and valued, relaxed and invigorated, capable of fulfilling their goals and eager to return to the next session.

I have a young daughter and it's really important for me to combine my work with being an encouraging and nurturing mum, and I also find her an inspiring and endless source of self-discovery. I passionately believe in encouraging everyone to incorporate exercise, activity and healthy eating into their lives and she will be no exception!

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